As an orphan; He did not only become my father and mother . He was a provider a protector, through grace I grew up and went to school and was saved from a lot of teenage difficulties and complications this life brings. I wasn’t even praying enough back then and now when I look back and think: “If it had not been for the Lord by my side , where would I be”.

Thembekile Buthelezi

To have Christ in my life means, having life of freedom from sin and baggage. Without Christ life is meaningless, until you start knowing Him for real that’s when you begin to live a purposeful life. I am what I am because of God, without Him I am nothing.

Collen Mutshinya

My experience has really taught me that there is no impossibility with God. At the age of 16 I decided that I wanted to be a preacher of the word of God, but I went to college and studied something totally different. 3 years later I found myself in Swaziland studying theology. I didn’t apply to go there, I went there by faith and I was enrolled. Someone carried all my expenses. Having worked with more than four congregations over the past fifteen years I can safely say “God is great.” The road has not being easy it was filled with ups and downs but the grace of God never failed me.

Ambani Ramadzanga

As Luke 1:37 says nothing is impossible with God. I was rescued from the confusion which i had when, my mom decided to follow me to church the other Sunday. Her following me and going to church meant so many things to me, to list few, it meant she saw something good about Christianity and getting to know more about Jesus Christ. The confusion i had immediately disappeared, I knew God has a purpose for me,i knew i live a life of favor.Young as i was i couldn’t understand where i got strength to be strong.

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It means a great deal to have Christ in my life… life is already difficult with Him, imagine how dreadful it would be without Him. All I have, all I do its through Christ who strengthens me. Because, as you know,for me to live is Christ, He sustains all things including my life. Self died in baptism and, as opposed to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (self-actualisation) I became Christ-actualised.

Frank Felix Matenda Jnr

I was born under a christian family and was baptized in 1999. Since then till now i can confess without pride that i do not even remember one Sunday that i have missed going to church because to me, “there is no life outside Christ”. I believe that is not easy to be a christian but i cannot serve a BIG GOD and remain with a BIG problem, GOD will show me the way out through faith in Christ in whom i am more that a conqueror. Today i am a preacher not by force but by choice and it encourages me to preach about Christ who is in me for to have Christ is to live. John 14:6

Zwivhuya Munyai

Today I can attest that life without Christ was totally different for me. And I say it loudly that If I do away with Christ in my life now I would still be foolish enough to conclude that it is the doctor who healed me and that all I do is because i am powerful. I know that without Christ I will be lost. I would lose or never find my God given purpose. I would still try to fix all my problems by myself. I would be just a lost soul with no eternal purpose. Life without Christ for me would simply be a life which does not make sense.

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Dzilafho Mashila
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