InJoy Development seek to maintain the state in which things are improving by expanding, enlarging or refining through personal training and excellence. The 21st century greatest challenge is the quality of leadership. The past years have given evidence of tremendous leadership vacuum prevailing throughout the world today. The missing elements can only be brought into existence through people who are trained spiritually in leadership under the covering of the church.

The quality of leadership remain questionable in number of areas, such as the purpose, integrity, morality compassion, loyalty and spiritual sensitivity. Furthermore the competence and skill including a genuine concern for each other remain a mystery in our lives today. We therefore have a task to ensure that we provide platforms whereby we can identify, develop, refine each other to reach the highest level of principled people with high moral standards based on Christian’s values and Biblical foundations. We encourage to accept this challenge of developing and maximizing your potential to serve those around you and the next generation. If you would like to participate or get more information please click below:

The InJoy Mentorship Program

How do you hang onto your brightest young talent and prepare them to lead? Simple: Recruit your more experienced personnel to help teach and guide them. Not only can a mentoring program boost your bench strength for top tasks, research proves that people who learn more on the organization are far less likely to quit. The benefits don’t stop with protégés: People who mentor often are more productive, better socialized, and less stressed. They also tend to develop a loyal network of supporters, gather valuable perspective from younger employees, and gain insight into other parts of the organization.

  • Why Mentorship Program for Injoy Ministries?

Goal: Setting of Goals for the Mentorship Program

  • Pair Up Protégés and Mentors

Goal: Create profile and match people according to your goals

  • Set the Rules for Engagement

Goal: Make Sure People Meet Regularly – And know what to talk about when they meet

  • Keep Tabs on the Program

Goal: Make sure mentoring is providing the result your want

If you are interested in mentorship please do contact us by sending us an email at

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