All these time I have believed that they must be a great force, powerful than what is visible before our eyes and what we hear. There is much higher authority that determines every step each one of us takes here on earth. It is a normal saying but true that everything happens for a purpose. The scripture makes it very clear that after Jesus was baptized he was taken to the wildness so that he might be tempted and it is clear that it was supposed to happen as determined beforehand.

This is a great lesson for us, as Christ has already forewarned that as much as he was hated even the world will hate us to, the challenges will require patience, perseverance and commitment for temptation will be even much more advanced that if it was possible even those whose names are in the book of life if it was possible would also be deceived. Think about this, if it is so, where I you standing right now, I you remaining steadfast as the Lord did even during the wildness period of fasting and praying.

Because Christ remain steadfast the people who sat in darkness saw a great light and those who sat in the regions and shadow of death light sprung upon them. Do you know that the lord can save souls through the way you live your life. Let it be that wherever you are, whatever you do, let your light shine in the name of Jesus Christ. Matthew 4


Project Fame is bigger than you and me, it much more than just a word to us, because of it, those who had no hope, heard of Christ and came to confirm, those who saw him believed and somehow souls were saved. We call it FAME because in the book of Matthew 4:24(KJV) we read of Jesus Christ Fame spreading all over Syria and Judea such that they brought all who needed healing and Jesus healed them all. Jesus Christ believed something that those around him did not have but needed to know and believe. He had FAITH that moved him into all the area he visited and as he moved His ATTITUDE determined His output and MENTORSHIP ensured that 12 men changed the course of history/world.

Take note that before he left, he spoke of the challenges ahead as something to be desired though he knew the pain before him, but his eye were fixed on the crown such that he ENDURED all for the purpose. Jesus FAME was no accident but the result of his submission, preparation and action, the question is how far have your fame gone or should we say has your fame taken you anywhere.

Why The Project Fame:

  • To outline the strategies which are available to us as Christians to influence the world
  • To identify ways which currently we are not utilizing based on the book of Matthew chapter three
  • To share together ways and means in which we can further spread the word of God as we become the light and salt of this earth.


Throughout 2016/17 InJoy will be writing a book based of FAME project, once the book has been completed it will be published for distribution for free both electronically and paper copies throughout the world. The good part is that you can be part of this exciting project and your writing and contribution can also form part of the book to be published in December 2017. Each month a stage will be posted on the website or through the pamphlets. You can write about this stages as posted on a monthly basis and forward your writings to us through the email address

All you’re writing will then be put together and be posted on the website for your reading before the new stage is posted for the following month. It is important that you follow the stages as posted to ensure the relevance of the message. At the end of the year a book will be published for distribution and you can be part of it.

Fame Writing Page
Would you like to participate in project fame, please send us an email requesting more details, we will be happy to communicate and engage with you in this very interesting program. If you would like to read more about Fame please continue reading this page or download the FAME introduction at the end of the page. For Comments and inputs on the book please forward your contribution to

How Far Has Your Fame Gone 2015


Begin with us the journey of fame understanding that 2015 signifies a year of Faith, Attitude, Mentorship and Endurance. Matthew chapter 3 and 4 is rich with details on how we can achieve fame following the steps which Christ have followed to fulfill the will of God. What you are about to read will be steps and stages which you can follow and we believe this will enhance your work in spreading the word of God. But first I would to highlight the concept of fame. Fame signifies the measure of the impact which one has on a community or society. It is not for everyone and can be good or bad.

It is something which many are looking for but never finds, sometimes even those who do not want it, they do find it. Fame can make you a star even bury you before your time, if not handled with care, those who succeed the world look-up to them and becomes a standard in which the rest of the society is judged. The question is how can fame benefit us as Christian, Church and the Community, how can we take advantage of fame to advance the kingdom of God.

For this reason Fame to us is not just a word as you know it, it carry much more weight than what we have realized before. It actually describes the foundation and principles which prove to be vital in the growth of the ministry of our Lord and savoir Jesus Christ. These principles if adopted by us today, much more can be achieved and actually what has been said about us will then materialize, I speak of the words of Jesus who said we are the light and the salt of this earth. This for you it’s an invitation to participate in something greater than yourself, it’s a motivation to live for a purpose and a fulfillment of what has been said long before you arrived. This whole concept is based on the book of Matthew chapter 4:24 and throughout this book you will learn to break down the whole chapter and actually apply in your daily life, we believe the results will be as written in the bible, that the house on top of the mountain cannot be hidden.

The challenges we face today as Christian is that we seem to be nowhere, if we are somewhere it’s only about us and those around us. The issues are now actually more materials than the gospel, we are or have centralized the gospel around us such that those who are not part of us it’s difficult for them to break the barriers we have built around ourselves. The gospel has become in some way a social club than an outreach driven ministry that seek those soul which needs healing. In these I find it critical that as children of God we must learn from the creator and author of the gospel if we are to go anywhere, if we are to impact the world. The beginning is when we realize that the Gospel is bigger than us, that it was never about us anyway, if God need another you and me, He can create for himself even a better you and me. If then it was never about you and me, who then should be the focus, who then deserve the worship and the attention that we need so much that at times we even sell our souls. To read more please click here: How Far Has Your Fame Gone

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