Mentorship Programme aims to help scholars who have patience and compassion in different subjects to learn and grow to their maximum potential. The main objective is to assist learners who are from disadvantage background and who have difficulty in mastering subjects which they are learning from their school. This programme further aims to provide leadership skills for the learners through emotional and spiritual…

InJoy Development

InJoy Development seek to maintain the state in which things are improving by expanding, enlarging or refining through personal training and excellence. The 21st century greatest challenge is the quality of leadership. The past years have given evidence of tremendous leadership vacuum prevailing throughout the world today. The missing elements can only be brought into…

Fame Page

FAITH ATTITUDE MENTORSHIP ENDURANCE All these time I have believed that they must be a great force, powerful than what is visible before our eyes and what we hear. There is much higher authority that determines every step each one of us takes here on earth. It is a normal saying but true that everything…
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Brief on Projects

InJoy is involved in number of projects with the aim of empowering and creating platforms for the individuals

InJoy Foundation

In order to achieve the goals as set by InJoy it necessary and important that the tool which will ensure a continuous implementation of the project be developed. As InJoy we have developed a foundation which enhance the goals as clearly outline below: