Restored, Revived and Renewed

The world as we know it is a continuous system, change happens every day, and people never remain the same. It is in this view that in this continuous, tiring world people feel the need of renewal, the need to be restored to the first time or beginning of the activity. There is a need to feel the same energy, excitement and zeal just like the first day you realized that something must be done and achieved, the day you accepted the Lord.

The work of God is not as easy as people might think and to be a Christian is one of the most challenging things one might decide to embark on in this life. This is a business of everyday renewal because without such we get tired, weary and discouraged. When justice does not take place and the wicked continue to prospers, and it seems as if you are going nowhere, you do get discouraged. The palmist cried when his eyes witness the injustice that was taking place under the sun. It was beneficial for him to realize that the ONE in control of all is not blind, that he cannot see, and that he is not deaf that he cannot hear, but he is closer that one can ever imagine to restore the tired soul, to revive the discourage spirit as he renew our life each day as we live.

InJoy have come along for years now and as we begin this journey once again, our theme is that which shows what God have done in our lives, how he continues to revive us even when we ourselves does not have the energy to go on, how he restore us to a place where he want us to be and renew our mission to reach out to many lives that await the helping hand. It is our view that many lives out there are in desperate need of restoration, renewal and revival, and this message that God have given to us all, this seeds that he have planted in our hearts should now begin to bear the fruits.

I am encouraged when i think about the above and I hope you too, that we begin now, not later to spread the message of restoration, revival and renewal in all our churches, our communities and throughout South Africa as we reclaim SA for Christ. Let us know of your views by sending us an email at

Our experience

Youth Programs - 10 years
Development - 8 years
Workshop Facilitation - 6 years
Upliftment Project - 5 years
Media Productions - 2 years

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