The Inside Joy Story Since 2004

InJoY Ministry or Inside Joy was founded in 2004 by four friends from Venda in the Limpopo Region, South Africa. It is a vision that was conceived in the late 90’s with the purpose of portraying the love of Jesus Christ our Lord to all, through caring and providing for the needs of people spiritually, physically, emotionally and psychologically. The first publication which led into the development of the InJoY Journal was distributed in 2002, at the time the audience were SOS Children Village youth in Ennerdale. One copy led to the other though at the time it was only 4 pages, in no time we were reaching 50 copies as the newsletters was used to advertised SOS Community Choirs activities.

The dream never died as it was later introduced in Musina, North of South Africa as a InJoY Christian Journal in 2004.Through the sponsorships of local business man and women, we to reached 100 -200 copies per publication which was produced on a quarterly basis. From 200 copies, today through our Lord God Almighty we are able to reach 500 -700 copies which are distributed all over Limpopo and Gauteng region. Jesus Christ said: the harvest is plenty but the workers are few, our history by no means does not indicate our tomorrow as the work we do is not our own but the Lord therefore our hope is that you join us in the spread of the Gospel of our Lord remembering that He is soon to come.

And may He find us not so focused on yesterday but today, as we live each moment like is the last and love like yesterday was never there and tomorrow will never come.


Youth Development - 10 years
Development - 8 years
Workshops Facilitation - 6 years
Upliftment Projects - 5 years
Media Productions - 2 years
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